SwagUp CBO Helen Rankin Talks Sales Leadership

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
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Published: April 05, 2023

Helen Rankin, CBO and Co-Founder of SwagUp, sits down with Michael Aronowitz, EVP of Digital Sales & Strategy at Teleperformance, on TP Talks Podcast. The two speak about the effective qualities and skills required to become a great sales leader. Helen shares her dos and don’ts and best practices to create a long-lasting impression on customers.

Helen Rankin, CBO & Co-Founder of SwagUp
Helen Rankin, CBO & Co-Founder of SwagUp

Michael and Helen’s professional relationship dates back to 2010. This was Helen’s introduction to the corporate world where she worked as his administrative assistant. Since then, she has worked in many areas of marketing and learned valuable lessons from her experience. Helen talks about her time in marketing and sales, how she got to where she is now, and how you can also be a great sales leader.

“If you’re very deliberate about you want to do, you’re going to get the results that you want.”

Helen and Michael talk about how to listen to your potential customer’s needs and how your company can solve their problems. They also discuss how to play to your skill set and be the best sales person you can be. Helen says that trial and error, learning from your mistakes, and having a great team willing to go on that journey with you is the key to becoming successful. She also notes that persistence is key and stresses the importance of having a great network of professionals.  

Listen to what Helen has to say on TP Talks Podcast here!  

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