SwagUp Launches Brand New Demo Series!

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: March 13, 2023

SwagUp launched their brand new Demo Series with their first event on March 1st. This initial demo celebrats going Beyond Employee Appreciation. This Demo Series will be held once a month and goes hand-in-hand with the newly created Employee Engagement Calendar.

Each Demo will be themed according to the month it is held and hosted by SwagUp executives alongside a special guest from a brand that aligns with SwagUp’s own mission and values. These events will have fun conversations with guest speakers as well as a walk-through of SwagUp’s dashboard and capabilities.

March Demo Series: Beyond Employee Appreciation

March is not only Employee Appreciation Day, but Women’s History Month and Gender and Ethnic Equality Month as well. Therefore, this event was co-hosted by Founder & CEO of Confetti, Lee Rubin. Lee highlighted some awesome ways companies can show their appreciation for employees with fun activities and swag. CBO of Swagup, Helen Rankin chatted with Lee on why employee appreciation matters, what trends they are seeing with their customers and how to measure your success when it comes to appreciating your employees. Lee went through some unique employee experiences you can have with your employees like Women’s Cocoa Tastings and Terrarium Workshops while Helen displayed complementary swag like a Women’s History Pack and a Mental Health Pack. This was all topped off by a ride through the dashboard which demonstrated how SwagUp’s platform can make the lives of HR professionals, hiring managers and leaders alike, so much easier!

SwagUp's Women's History Pack
SwagUp’s Women’s History Pack
SwagUp's Mental Health Pack
SwagUp’s Mental Health Pack

In case you missed it, follow this link to the SwagUp Demo Series: Beyond Employee Appreciation. You can also request your own demo here.

More Demo’s Coming Soon!

Be sure to tune into SwagUp’s upcoming Demo Series for April and May!

·  The Art of Sustainable Swag on April 5th with Co-Founder of Known Supply, Kohl Crecelius

·  Mental Health in a Remote World on May 3rd with CEO & Co-Founder of NoonBrew, Andrew Case

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