SwagUp Launches Referral Program For Customers And Ambassadors!

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SwagUp Team
SwagUp Team
SwagUp Team

Last updated: December 13, 2022

SwagUp launches a Referral Program! 

The time has finally come, SwagUp team has officially launched a Referral Program to reward customers, friends, and loyal promoters! For each new client to SwagUp someone refers they will receive a $250 Amazon gift card for them and the friend they refer. 

“Clients have been asking for this and we finally have launched the first phase of it. We do plan to expand on our referral program. We will later be introducing some sort of point system for referrers to earn more rewards.”

Helen CBO of SwagUp and the team behind this new launch. 

So what’s the catch? The client you refer must be new to SwagUp and make a valid purchase of swag of $2,000 or more excluding shipping or any other service fees.  If the friend submits an order with SwagUp, both the referrer and the friend will each get a $250 Amazon gift card! Payments are made once a month and issued on the 15th of the month. This is a great way to incentivize friends and customers to recommend SwagUp! SwagUp is also extending this offer for companies to refer internal teams!  

Referrers will be directed to this site here to submit and recommend their friends. Of course, the SwagUp team will be in contact with referrers right away! 

This is the first launch of their referral program which will expand throughout the year to give back to customers and friends who have been passing the word of mouth about SwagUp! Stay tuned for more updates to come from this!

So what are you waiting for? Refer A Friend Here! 🚀

Did you know SwagUp was rated Easiest Platform SetUp by G2? Read more about it here!

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