SwagUp Launches Unique URLs For Redeem Pages

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
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Last updated: April 16, 2023

SwagUp builds on redeem page release by adding unique URLs to the list. Earlier this year SwagUp launched the redeem page function to their platform. Redeem Pages allow you to simplify every step of the ordering process to launch swag effortlessly, while unique URLs ensure that each individual can only redeem swag once.

What Are Redeem Pages?

Redeem pages are customizable, one-stop landing pagea designed to allow recipients anywhere in the world to virtually claim swag in a few clicks SwagUp redeem pages are the simplest way to send swag to recipients around the globe.

And that’s because redeem pages live in your SwagUp Dashboard. Like the rest of your Dashboard, redeem pages are completely free for SwagUp customers.

Because redeem pages are part of the Dashboard, you get more than just a redeem page experience. You get an out-of-the-box swag distribution solution already plugged into your swag ecosystem. Think contact group management at scale. Live syncing of your swag Inventory. Shipping credit allocation. And more — but before we dive deeper, let’s understand why and when redeem pages are useful.

With the new unique URL feature, you will be able to create multiple links for each redeem page. It’s perfect for any customers that want to do giveaway campaigns, onboarding large groups, or any type of marketing campaigns. The person who receives the link can only access and fill it out once! So, no need to worry about anyone redeeming all the swag you have in inventory.

🌟 Did you know SwagUp Dashboard is free? Get started today!

What Is a Unique URL?

A unique URL is a link that you create for one specific individual that can only be used to redeem swag one time.

What Would You Use a Unique URL For?

You would use this unique URL when offering swag that you do not want redeemed by the same person more than once.

What Would Be a Good Use Case For Unique URLs?

Say you are giving all employees in your company some awesome summer swag. You want to ensure that each employee is only getting one swag pack and not ordering extras for say, a friend or partner. In this case, you would create a unique URL for each employee so that once they redeem their swag, they cannot redeem again. That URL is now associated with an order.

Watch the video on how to use unique URLs here.  

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