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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Marketing Manager

Published: May 17, 2021

Whether it’s the smell of sunscreen, the taste of BBQ, or the thought of diving into your favorite swimming pool that captures the spirit of summer for you, one thing’s for sure: your team deserves great summer swag for some fun in the sun!

The days are getting longer; every day feels just a bit hotter than yesterday. And after a long year in quarantine, everyone’s feeling a bit restless.

Here’s where swag comes in.

Swag is a great way to connect with the people that matter all year-round (not just during the holidays!), and we’ve tapped our Swag Experts to bring to you a collection of Summer Swag items ideal for the perfect summer swag project!

We’re excited to share this new SwagUp exclusive collection with you. This guide to summer swag will help you orient yourself, whether it’s your first summer swag project or you’re a veteran Swagstoranut with more than one successful swag project under your belt! 

💡Swag Expert Tip: Feel free to skip down to the swag ideas – or stick around for a refresher. We’ll cover everything to consider for your first summer swag project!


How to Use Summer Swag to Build Culture and Connect with Your Community

Here’s a secret: summer swag is one of the most underrated (yet, at the same time, one of the easiest!) ways to build culture with your team and community. 

Now why is this? Think about it – swag always feels more epic and meaningful when you have a theme behind it. Whether that’s holiday swag, company anniversary and milestone swag packs, or Employee Appreciation Day care packages. 

Summer is a universal theme that everyone can relate to.

But the change of seasons can mean different things to different people. Some people are dreading the so-called “dog days of summer” while others are on the verge of burnout after too many days in quarantine. They’re three mouse clicks away from booking a ticket to Tahiti. 

The solution? Use summer swag to help reenergize your team! With season-specific swag picks, you can help your team recover properly and make the most of their off-time. Not only is well-timed swag a proactive approach to preventing burnout, it’s also a neat, fun way to grow your brand and community.

Your summer swag is a great opportunity to support a variety of summer friendly team building activities and events, including:

  • Axe Throwing
  • Barbecue Cook-off
  • Summer Volunteer Event
  • Poker and Board Game Tournament
  • Movie Night with a Must-See Summer Movie
  • Team Trivia or Escape Room Challenge 
  • Summer Travel Kit (in preparation for a potential summer travel boom!)
  • Weekend Beach Trip and Lounge Kit

Want to go beyond employee summer swag? You can also use summer swag to reach out to prospects, reengage lost leads, and add some fun and incentive to conferences and events (virtual or not!) Plus: if you’ve got a community around your brand that you want to support, summer swag is the perfect way to meet them where they are.

Remember: You can start a swag project at any time in the SwagUp Platform. But don’t worry – if you’re interested in getting your team and community summer swag, but need ideas to get inspired first, we’ve got you.

Launch Faster with 8 Summer Preset Packs

Start with these swag ideas, or connect with a Swag Expert for more help! Keep in mind the average swag project takes 37 days, so we recommend planning at least this far in advance. (Swag Expert Tip: Last minute swag project? If you’re in a rush, get in touch with us to see what’s possible!)


1. Summer SpeedUp Pack


Don’t have time to wait for your summer swag? Then check out the Summer SpeedUp Pack! A pack made completely of SpeedUp swag picks (ICYMI: Meet the SpeedUp Swag Collection), the Summer SpeedUp Pack is all about getting out the door ASAP.

But that’s not all. Speed is one thing, but you also want complete confidence in your swag. The Summer SpeedUp Pack features 3 top quality swag picks that everyone will love.

Here’s why: Embracing the summer theme, these swag picks are all about getting the most out of warm weather days. From staying hydrated with your favorite refreshing drink to shielding your eyes from the harsh UV rays of direct sunlight to easily recharging your tech at any time of day for the kind of ready-to-go energy befitting the longer days and shorter nights.

For soda-lovers, the Soda Pop Bottle features a retro design worthy of summer while offering the modern benefits of double wall stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation. The mini wireless charging pad enables you to pare down on cable mess and organize your workspace. And whether you’re having a bad hair day or you’re simply looking for a comfortable way to block the sun, the Lightweight Performance Cap is the perfect choice for a day out on the golf course as well as a quick run to the grocery store.

Finally, surprise and delight with a thoughtful insert card with your chosen message. 

A great, no-fuss pack to launch right out of the gate.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Soda Pop Bottle, Lightweight Performance Cap, Mini Wireless Charging Pad, Super Insert Card, Mailer Box with Custom Tape

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fast Swag, SpeedUp Swag, Swag Gift, Swag Appreciation, Swag Award, Swag Giveaways, Community Culture, Company Culture, Swag Essentials


2. WFA Freedom Pack


If you’re like us, you’re tired of WFH. Dust off your passport, grab your laptop, and shift to WFA – Work From Anywhere. Even if you don’t yet have summer travel plans (spontaneous trips are sometimes the best trips), the WFA Freedom Pack is all about recognizing a time for change along with the change of weather.

Inspired by fully remote teams and digital nomads, this pack doesn’t care if you bring a laptop to the beach – instead, it’s all about helping you enjoy the most of your time there, whether that’s work-life blend or work-life balance. 

Because if there’s one word that captures the feeling of summer, it’s probably freedom.

Let’s check out the swag. Stay comfy and look great in a breathable Lightweight Sport Tee featuring a raglan sleeve cut and retail fit. The Arctic Zone Copper Tumbler will keep your favorite drink ice cold. Pack your favorite snacks, drinks, and anything else you need into the Waterproof Cooler Backpack without worrying about water damage thanks to its waterproof design. Plus, it also functions as a cooler so you can keep your foodstuffs and drinks nice and chill, and avoid food spoilage on your next beach picnic. 

Last but not least, spread out the Basic Cabana Beach Towel for some nice relaxing time under the sun.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Waterproof Cooler Backpack, Lightweight Sport Tee, Arctic Zone Copper Tumbler, Basic Cabana Beach Towel, Custom Mailer Box

RECOMMENDED FOR: Remote Teams, WFA Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Seasonal Swag, Custom Branded, Employee Culture, Remote Office, Team Building


3. It’s 5 O’ Clock Somewhere


Images of palm fronds, shimmering pool water, and clear blue skies come to mind. This party o’ clock bundle is equally perfect for a gathering of friends and family as well as helping your team enjoy some solo wind-down time with a good cold Moscow Mule and champagne gummy bears.

The All Naturals Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack features a variety of fun flavors including Blood Orange Mai Tai, Mango Margarita, Strawberry Mule, and Passionfruit Paloma. Plus, enjoy your drink guilt-free: these cocktails are made with all natural ingredients. Low calorie, low sugar, gluten free, fat free, cholesterol free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, non GMO, and made in the USA!

With a reusable straw set and a pair of Moscow Mule mugs, you’ll be ready for relaxing all summer. A great swag pack for team culture building activities and community events.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: All Naturals Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack, Midtown Reusable Straw Set, Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears, Super Insert Card, Moscow Mule Gift Set, Mailer Box with Custom Tape

RECOMMENDED FOR: Company Culture, Fun and Relaxation Swag, Team Culture, Virtual Events, Happy Hour, Drinkware Swag, Work-Life Balance, Surprise Swag, Community Events


4. Remote Office Pack


Focus is a precious resource. Protect yours with this (fun)ctional swag pack for the remote office. The Remote Office Pack starts off with a personal welcome note on Moo’s quality insert cards. Next, a popular swag pick you probably never thought of: the plastic door hanger. With this, friends and family know at a glance when you’re in a meeting and when you’re not (no more worries about no one being able to read your handwritten door sign). The Rover Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug does a reliable job of keeping your coffee hot (or cold, looking at you cold-brew lovers). Finally, custom knit socks for the perfect house-lounging socks. 

Swag Expert Tip: A custom mailer box is the perfect opportunity for your company brand to shine! Explore your options with the help of our professional in-house designers.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Plastic Door Hanger, Rover Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug, Sock Club Knit Socks, Insert Card by Moo, Custom Mailer Box

RECOMMENDED FOR: Remote Offices, Distributed Teams, Remote-First Companies, Company Culture, Welcome To Team Swag, High Quality Custom Branded Company Swag


5. The Warm Welcome


One huge reason people get swag? Onboarding! Especially when it comes to welcoming their newest talent with awesome swag. 

It’s a fun moment for everyone, and you can look like a superhero this summer with a preset pack that gets all the swag basics right.

Starting with the ultimate swag classic (the t-shirt), the Warm Welcome Pack features the Bella + Canvas tee with a retail fit and tear-away label for maximum comfort. The shirt itself is side-seamed with shoulder taping and made of 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton for that coveted super soft t-shirt feel.

Next, help your new team member organize and jot down all their ideas in the Classic Hardcover Moleskine notebook. With an elastic strap closure and an expandable inner pocket, this notebook will become a mainstay of their home office. The Ari Handheld Bluetooth Speaker can be paired to your phone or tablet and works great for conference calls as well as your favorite tunes thanks to a built-in microphone and audio-in port. Rechargeable by USB. 

The finishing touch: a welcome note to get their Day One off to a great start.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Bella + Canvas Tee, Classic Hardcover Moleskine, Ari Handheld Bluetooth Speaker, Insert Cards by Moo, Mailer Box with Custom Label

RECOMMENDED FOR: Welcome Swag, Employee Culture, Day One Swag, Office Swag, Cool Swag, Company Culture, Onboarding Swag, New Hires, Talent Appreciation, Recruitment, Dropshipping, Branding, Community Growth


6. Premier Summer Swag Pack


Thinking about swag for your innovators and leaders? It’s gotta be epic! Meet the Premier Summer Swag Pack. For this swag pack, we started with a solid foundation of high-quality, durable swag picks like the Timbuk2 Parkside. Then we took it to the next level with The Hovington Portable Selfie Drone, which isn’t just for your creatives looking for a new perspective, but also for anyone looking to capture memories on the fly. These special, premium high end swag picks are worthy of helping your pioneers and visionaries stay organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We love that the Parkside is dressed up but not fussy. Its clever pocketing provides a place for your phone, cards, keys and its padded laptop sleeves carries up to a 15” MacBook Pro. Its roomy main compartment can accommodate layers and a pair of shoes, and its external water bottle pocket doubles as a U-lock holder for days you get to ride.

In other words, think functional and well-designed.

With this baseline, this pack then takes it to the next level with neat travel swag like a waterproof toiletry case, to make traveling a red-eye or boarding a bullet train easy and mess-free. A pair of the ever-popular Apple AirPods Pro is a gift to support their everyday, and finally, end on the right note with a thoughtful message via Moo’s Luxe Postcards, complete with your custom branding.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Apple AirPods Pro, Waterproof Toiletry Case, Hovington Portable Selfie Drone, Timbuk2 Parkside, Luxe Postcards by Moo, Mailer Box with Custom Label 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Premium Swag, High End Swag, Leadership Swag, C-Suite Swag, VP Swag, High Quality Custom Branded Swag, Swag Pack Gift, Seasonal Lifestyle Swag


7. Summer Sport Kit


A swag pack that’s all about summertime fun! The Summer Sport Kit is practically begging you to take a trip to the beach, where you can relax with friends and family in the sun and sand. If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s to not forget the importance of a little R&R time. And there’s nothing like a game of beach volleyball to break a sweat and boost your mood! 

This swag kit includes a pair of custom Polarized Wooden Wayfarers (a contender for iconic summer swag if there ever was one) and a high quality cooling towel. Launch this swag pack for when you’ve got a team of all ages!

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Polarized Wooden Wayfarers, Insert Cards by Moo, Cooling Towel, The Sport Sock, 16” Beach Ball, Custom Mailer Bag

RECOMMENDED FOR: Beach Swag, Summer Fun, Seasonal Swag, Team Events, Team Building, Health and Wellness, Relaxation Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Employee Appreciation, Family Friendly Swag


8. Sunny Days Eco Pack


Get the best of both worlds with a summer pack that’s also eco-friendly! The Sunny Days Eco Pack is a sustainable swag pack in more ways than one. Featuring a refreshing mix of reenergizing swag like the Sencha Naturals Matcha Latte Mix and Eliqs Custom Mineral Water, this swag pack also adds in sustainable swag options like an eco hemp market tote and the modern collapsible Stojo bottle with a 20 oz liquid capacity. An extra soft recycled tri-blend tee finishes this pack off in style, so you can stay comfortable with a breathable, comfy t-shirt on even the hottest days.

An excellent swag pack choice for team appreciation and culture building, as well as offering a community welcome.

Swag Expert Tip: Think swag giveaways and growing brand awareness with supporter swag packs!

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Sencha Naturals Matcha Latte Mix, Stojo 20 oz. Bottle, Recycled Tri-Blend Tee, Eco-Friendly Lunch Set, Eliqs Custom Mineral Water, Mailer Box with Custom Label

RECOMMENDED FOR: Eco-Friendly Swag, Sustainable Swag, Food and Drinkware Swag, Health and Wellness, Swag Giveaways, Employee Recognition, Remote Teams, Daily Use Swag, Company Culture, Sustainability

Download the 2021 SwagUp Summer Catalog 

Want to share the SwagUp Summer collection with your team? Get top swag picks from categories including apparel, accessories, tech, notebooks, drinkware and food, bags, and more! Download the catalog to check it out:

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